How to do social work

social Social work has a huge scope and is the need of the hour, as we see increasing income disparities, rising poverty, unemployment, increase in the number of people affected with disability, mental illness, disease and depletion of natural resources.

Taking up work for improvement of society either professionally or personally through volunteering, opening charitable organizations or making donations will go a long way in helping people.

For doing social work, you can be trained professionally and obtain degree in social work through Bachelors or Masters course or enroll for short term courses offering a particular specialization.  At a personal level, you can get in touch with organizations or charities involved in social work.

There are various issues you can work on.  One such category is working with children who are abandoned, homeless due to natural or man made disasters or due to death of parents.  You can help the organization by teaching them, organizing fun games, teaching music, craft, art etc.

Another area is working with women.  It could involve issues like offering financial support to destitute women, counselling in cases of marital discord, offering legal support in case of physical/emotional abuse, conducting workshops for vocational training and so on.

You can also work on health related issues, like taking care of aged people in shelter homes, caring for terminally ill people, home care for severely disabled or counselling support for people with depression or suicidal tendencies.

Animal care and welfare is another category.  You can volunteer with NGOs or state maintained zoos for feeding the animals and supervising visitors.  You can take up awareness camps for animal rights or prevention of cruelty, or you can help in raising donation for caring for animal in shelters.

Working on nature conservation and environment related issues is another important area.  You can work with civic authorities for cleanliness drives, ocean or beach clean up campaigns, tree planting drives etc.  You can also organize seminars or form youth club for spreading awareness about environment and methods to conserve nature.


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