How to do public speaking

public Speaking in public has never been easy. Public speaking is nothing but speaking in front of an audience. It is an art that needs to be perfected. We see plenty of speakers in our day to day lives. Public speaking can we witnessed in award ceremonies, business forums, economic summits, political rallies, college lectures, convocation days, press meets, product briefs, sales meetings, annual days, board meetings and so on.

Especially in multinational organizations, recognition comes with speaking out, and speaking well. Managers, team leads, project heads need to speak to large gatherings. These are times when ones communications skills are put to test. Public speaking is never about having great language or sentence formation; rather it is about the ability to create awareness, action, reason, realization, motivation and encouragement in the minds of the audience. Below are some pointers to brush up on your public speaking skills.

Practice makes perfect

Practice dummy public speaking sessions that will give you confidence to do it real-time. If you are a naturally spontaneous person, then this will further add to your ability. Practice by reading and rehearsing out your lines loud, with the desired tone and pitch. Do it a lot of times, till you can do it without any flaws. Use hand movements, body postures, pace around the room, use other stuff if necessary.

Audience Analysis

If you are speaking to an audience, study as much about them. You need to design your speech to suit them. Your audience needs to relate to your speech. Just imagine speaking about nanorobot technology to a rugby team! This is definitely an error in relatedness.

Zing and Zany

Your speech needs to have that zing that can quirk up your audiences’ collective consciousness. By using your hands, and body movements, you can grab attention and never let it go. Confidence during speaking is an essential ingredient to sound convincing. Add a little humor to your speech. Construct funny analogies. Start of with an anecdote, a funny example or an interesting one. Be creative.


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