How to do Oil Painting

Painting is a very creative hobby. To some people, it is not just a hobby, but much more than that. When paintings come from within your heart, it becomes a passion. Painting can relax your soul and give you the power to create something, to invent something. However, there are different types and techniques of painting. May be, one is excellent in painting with water colors, but not that good in oil painting. While doing oil painting, you have to follow certain rules. So, let’s check out the tips below to become a great oil painter.

You must keep in mind that every time you paint the next layer of the picture, you should use more oil. The reason is the older layers soak oil from the upper layers. So, if you put less oil in the upper layers, the inner layers will get enough oil to absorb and will eventually crack. This process is called as “fat over lean”.

Use ingredients that help the colors to dry faster. Some such ingredients are manganese, cobalt, lead etc. So, while painting the inner layers, mix these materials with the colors. Thus the inner layers will dry much faster and will soak less oil from the outer layers.

While drying your oil painting, always keep it in bright light. Try to avoid drying it in dark rooms, because that may cause some oil secretion from the layers of the painting. It may bring a yellowish tinge on your painting. So, be careful.

While applying colors like blue and white, try to avoid mixing them with linseed oil. This oil is not a good medium specially or these colors. It can bring yellowing tint in your picture. Rather go for poppy oil while applying lighter shades of colors in your paint. However, it may take some time to dry up.


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