How to Do Oil Painting- A Guide for Beginners

opa Oil painting is a very interesting and wonderful piece of art. Among the various types of paintings, oil painting has made its own niche in the world of art. The popularity of oil painting is not very recent; rather it is there from the very beginning of human culture. There are some special techniques for all the different types of paintings.

Painting with water colors needs some different techniques, painting with poster colors involves another technique and oil painting involves different techniques too. You must know the techniques while beginning as an oil painter. Some of the unique techniques are discussed below for your help. Check out the tips and try your hand in oil painting.

1. The first thing you need for oil painting is a piece of plywood of required size. If you wish you can also paint on canvas paper. Different types of painting need different types of medium.

2. After selecting the ply you have to apply gum on it. Dilute some amount of gum in water and use a brush to apply on the plywood. It helps to catch the colors well. If you have chosen a canvas paper for painting, you don’t need to apply gum on it. As canvas paper itself is good on catching the colors.

3. Now you have to make a primary sketch of the picture you are going to paint. You can use a pencil to draw the sketch or you can also make it with paint and brush directly.

4. After you have made the sketch, you can start painting the picture with the required colors. However, you must not use any water while painting. You always have to use oil as the medium. After painting you have to dry it in shade and obviously not in the sun. If you dry it in the sun the colors sometimes turn a little yellowish and the ply tends to shrink.


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