How to do makeup for a party

mkp Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and charming? It is not without reason many a models and actresses remember to give due credit to their make-up artist. It is the make-up artist who can whip up a completely different identity for a person. With his skill, he can even light up a face that is otherwise quite ordinary.

Makeup is not every woman’s cup of tea. Though everyone wants to end up looking glamorous and appealing, not many can pull off a good makeup. As a result, even if they have very good looks, they fail to highlight their plus-points just well enough. With practice, however, everyone can get a steady hand at applying makeup in style. With a few trial and errors, you will soon realize what suits best on your face.

Eye-makeup is an integral part of looking good. The way you do your eyes can change the way you look. Select the eye accessories depending on the color of your eyes. Whether your eyes are blue, green, grey or hazel will go a long way in deciding what eye-liner and eye shadow will look best on your face.

By highlighting your eyes using a dark eye-shadow and a thick eye-liner, you can get a completely different, appealing look. On the other hand, if you are wearing pastel shades and preparing to go for a beach-side party, then applying a very thin line of eye-liner along with light shades of eye-shadow (like cream, pink, mauve mixed with beige) may also do the trick.

Select the shade of your lipstick wisely. Use a good lip-liner to define the lips. See that the lip-stick does not bleed. To make the lipstick stay for a longer duration, you can dab some loose powder on your lips. You can even use the powder of your compact for doing this. Press both the lips tight after applying the powder and then apply another coat of lipstick.


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