How to do Lip Makeup

While doing make-up, you must be careful about your lips along with eyes and cheeks. Lips draw much attention in your face. So, you must know the tricks to make your lips more appealing. Her are some magic tricks which will help you to apply make-up in your lips.

Eye make-up and lip make-up should be applied in contrast. If the eye make-up id heavy, you should wear light shaded lipstick. On the other hand, if you apply light make-up in your eyes, the lipstick should be of a darker shade.

You should match your lipstick with the dress you wear. That doesn’t mean that if you wear a black dress, the lipstick should also be black. Brown shades of lipstick go very well with black dresses. You have to understand which shade of lipstick is going with your dress.

Before applying lipstick, you should always apply lip pencils. Use lip pencils to draw a outline around your lips. It will define your lips and make them more prominent. Try to match the color of the lip pencil with the shade of your lipstick. While applying respect, see if there is any corner left without color.

If you have thin lips, take the help of lip pencils to get your lips enlarged a little. Lip pencils can do a lot of magic in making up for the faults of your lips. Wear dark lipsticks. You can also use frosting to bring a look of fullness in your lips. While applying make-up in thick lips, you must not use dark lipsticks. Rather go for light shades and shimmers.

Take care of your lips to look better. Apply coconut oil or rose water in your lips before going to bed. It will keep your lips soft and smooth. Smooth lips look much appealing while applied lipsticks.


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