How to do facial at home

fh If you want to look pretty but do not want to spend any penny at the beauty parlours, do not worry at all. You can do a good face care at home by doing suitable facial all in just a few minutes. The onle few things you need is a good face cleanser, face exfoliator, Suitable face mask, moisturiser, cotton wool, etc.

Before you begin, prepare yourself for the facial by pulling all the hair that is falling over your face. Let the area of the face to work up be free with no hair strands hanging. For this you may use an elastic hairband or some hair pins to keep the hair in place.

To begin with, wash your face gently with water to remove any sweat or dust that could easily be removed by water alone. Then apply face cleanser using your finger tips on to your face and neck. Form a lather by lightly rubbing it all over. When you rub, be careful that you rub it in the upward and the outward direction. Then rinse off with warm water.

The next step should be exfoliating your skin. Using your fingers, apply the exfoliator on to your face. Massage this on your face and neck for about two to three minutes in the upward and outward direction. This is to remove the dead cells present on your skin and to reduce the fine lines. Rinse it off thoroughly with water.

Choose a face mask that best suits your skin type. Face masks are available in the markets for all skin types. Make your choice accordingly. The purpose of using a face mask is to take away all the impurities from your skin making it appear fresh and soft.

Apply the mask on your face till it gets dried. You can make sure that the mask is dried when you can sense a tightening feeling over your face. When it is done, wash it off with water.

Finally apply moisturiser that has SPF contained in it. By now your face will definitely look a 10 years younger than your age.


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