How to do Balcony and Roof Gardening

Gardening is not only a wonderful hobby, but it also adds beauty to your home. A garden, full of colorful flowers keeps you close to the nature and refreshes your mind. However, today, people don’t have that much places in their homes. People live in housing complexes and apartments. That’s why balcony and roof gardening has become very popular these days. So, let’s check out the tips for roof gardening and grow healthy plants.

Water source is a must for gardening. Whether it is in roof or in your balcony, there must be a water source available, so that you can water the plants regularly. Set a tap in your roof or balcony. It will make your job easier. You don’t have to run here and there for water. Make sure that rain falls up on the plants. Don’t cover your balcony totally.

If you are doing balcony gardening, make sure that sun rays reach your plants. Keep the balcony open enough and also airy to grow healthy plants. Sun rays are must for healthy upbringing of plants. However, cover the roof as well the balcony to protect the plants from the heavy down pours or storms.

The drainage system should also be good. If the water gets stocked, the roots of the plants will get rotten. So, put a whole at the bottom of the containers so that water don’t get locked and goes away from the whole.

Materials like terracotta, plastic and wood are good as plant containers. However, terra cotta gets dried very fast. On the other hand, plastics remain damp for a long time. The plastic and wooden containers also look decorative.

Also see whether there is enough support for the plants. Sometimes, while growing, the plants get slanted, if there is not weight support. So, put supports with every plant.


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