How To Do a Triceps Workout

triceps The triceps muscles are found at the back of the arms. The triceps oppose the biceps, in other words, it contracts when the other expands and vice versa. The triceps muscles along with the biceps muscles make a powerful visual combination for the upper arms. The triceps are as important as the biceps for upper arm strength. Here are some basic triceps exercises.

Lying Extensions

These exercises can be done using barbells as well as dumbbells. Usually barbells are used for developing muscle mass. Lie down on a flat bench. Place your feet on the ground and most of your body on the flat bench. Have somebody place the barbell in your hands. Use an overhand grip to hold the barbell at shoulder width. Your elbows should be upright. Try to avoid using your elbows during this exercise. Bring the barbell close to your forehead with your hands, and push it up and bring it in line with your elbows to complete one repetition.

Dumbbell Extensions

Remember to do this using a lightweight dumbbell. Hold a dumbbell with one hand. Lift the dumbbell up at arms length, above and inline with the shoulders. Lower the dumbbell behind your head, while keeping the elbow straight. Raise the dumbbell again to its initial position. Now do for the other hand. Do about 15 reps for each.

Bench Press

Although this exercise is used for chest, here the aim is to exercise the triceps by using a close grip. Lie on a flat bench. Hold a barbell with a close grip, smaller than shoulder width. Your feet should be on the floor. Lower the barbell to your chest and push it up again to complete one repetition.

Downward Extensions

This exercise should be done using an overhead pulley. Hook a short bar to the overhead pulley. Stand below the pulley, with feet shoulder width apart. Hold the bar at your chest level. Flex the bar down until your arm straightens below. Bring it back again to complete on repetition.


Hold a dumbbell with one hand. Hold a support and bring your upper torso parallel to the floor. Our arms should also be parallel to the floor, alongside your upper torso. Move only your forearm to workout the triceps muscles. Do not use your arms. Push back your forearm until it comes in line with your arms and almost parallel to the floor. Lower the forearm again.


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