How To Do a Leg Workout

legworkout The legs are a very powerful part of the body. They have very powerful muscles. The legs are in constant pressure from the body’s weight, and thus easily tend to be powerful. The legs have one of the biggest muscles of the body. When you workout your legs, you are working out nearly half your body.

Working out legs is said to trigger anabolic activity in the brain, and thus helps in promoting fat loss and efficient cardiovascular functioning. Leg muscles consist of buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings, and the calves. Here are some basic leg exercises.


These are excellent warm up exercises.
Stand upright. Lower your body downward. Stop at a sit-stand position. Stand up again to get back to the original position. Do about 25 sit-ups.


This is an exercise that is done using a barbell.
Stand upright. Hold a barbell in an overhand grip on your trap muscles (not your neck). Look forward. Make your balance steady. In a slow and steady motion, bring your buttock to the ground. Bend your knees while bringing yourself downward. Always keep your knees steady. When your thighs are parallel to the ground, begin returning to the starting position.

Leg Press

This exercise is done using the leg press machine. Lie down and keep your legs on the platform that is holding the weight. Keep your legs apart at shoulder width. Lower the platform, until your knees are bent fully. Press it back again to its original position.

Leg Extensions

This exercise is done using a leg extension machine. Sit down on a leg extension machine, and place your legs under the footpad. Flex your knees upward, and bring it in line with your upper legs. Lower your knees back to the original position.


Hold two dumbbells at the sides of your body. Slowly place one leg a metre forward, and bend its knee until it is parallel to the floor. Bring it back to the original position and repeat for the other leg. Make sure to maintain balance when doing this workout.


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