How to dispose a computer

dco Due to the availability and perennial influx of new models in computers, there is also a rising inventory of obsolete computers. People generally dispose their computers when they upgrade to a new one.

Many disposable computers still lie around in the house eating good home-space, as the owners do not know how to send the computer back to the manufacturer or recycle it. Here’s how to dispose of an old computer.

Donate it to charity

1) If you are donating your computer to a reuse organization, then find out if they test it before passing it on to the recipients. Find out about the recipients or recipient organizations. Some of these organizations sell the old computers to third-party re-sellers, instead of donating it.

2) You can get in touch with the National Cristina Foundation (NCF). This organization maintains a list of non-profit groups and other agencies that take computer equipment donations and pass it on to economically disadvantaged people. There is another organization called Voice of Children, which seeks donations of this kind.

3) FreeGeek is an organization that builds computers from donated equipment. Check out its website to find out other similar organizations.

4) has a list of charities that accept computer donations.

Return back to manufacturer

1) Most computer manufacturers will have a recycling program. If you have purchased any item from the same manufacturer lately, you will usually get a free return-back offer.

2) Some manufacturers will want you to bear the packing and postal charges, but these are quite reasonable.

Send it for recycling

1) Visit for e-cycling (recycling) centers near you. These centers will take not just computers, but any electronic item (e-waste).

2) The Basel Action Network website has a list of electronics recyclers. These recyclers are bound by a clause that prohibits them to export e-waste for landfill purposes (as done in Nigeria) or use prison labor.

3) You can check out even your neighborhood-recycling agency. Before relinquishing your computer to them, you must find out details like, where they send the CRT monitors to; if they cleanup the hard drive and if they can provide credible documentation to support that etc.


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