How to Develop Your Memory

devlopmemory The excellent memory of some people surprises us. These people not only remember many things but can also recall them any time they want. We sometimes envy their ability. But can you do something else than just envying? Yes you can. You can develop a your own memory. You can make it retain many things. How? We tell you the few steps you have to follow.

Develop Interest

We remember things that haunt us or interest us. You may know the names and faces of your favorite baseball players. You may also remember many important statistics about them. This is possible because you are interested in the game and the players related to it. So, no matter what you do try to something interesting about it. While reading something find out the interesting points.

Read a Lot

Reading is important for developing your brain. The more you read the more your brain will have the scope to exercise its capacities. Reading will also provoke thoughts. Your mental thought process will make you refer to what you have read. This is a good mental exercise. It is a proven fact that we do not use our brain to its limit.

Take Notes

You can also jot down the important points. Make sure that you study these points often. We often write down many things but do not refer to them and gradually we forget what we have written. Put your brain to test only then it will respond to your command. You can also start writing. This is a good way to use newly learnt words. You will remember words only by using them.

Role of Physical Fitness

You cannot have a healthy mind unless you have a fit and healthy body. Exercise regularly. Learn to relax. Make sure you sleep for 8 hours everyday. A tired brain cannot work to its full power. Your house should be well ventilated. You can also try morning walk to stay fit.

Meditation is Good

Meditation helps in concentration. The more you can concentrate the more you will be able to remember because you will be focusing on one part at a time.

Healthy Diet

Your diet should be balanced and healthy. You can eat fresh vegetables and various other protein enriched substances. These will increase the strength of your brain. Avoid too much alcohol.

Positive Attitude

This is very important because it always keeps the brain filled with healthy thoughts. With a positive mindset you will be able to concentrate on many things and in turn.

The bottom line is the more we use our brain the more successful we will be in taking its services. So start now and you will see the result for yourself.


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