How to develop the habit of rising early in the morning

gemo This may sound difficult to those people who have not seen the sunrise for quite a long time. But mind you, there is no other beautiful time in your whole day like the early morning hours.

Also, There are quite a lot of benefits if you are an early riser both for your mind as well as your body. If you are keen on developing the habit of rising early, the following tips will help you.

Make up your mind to get up early: The first step is to make up your mind to adapt to a new practice. This is very essential as your mind controls your activities. The best time to prepare your mind is just before you go to bed. When you register this intention to get up early in your mind, you are sure to see the sunrise!

Do not make big changes just in one day: You can kick-start with a little change and then reach your goal gradually. If you are a person who gets up at 8 am, then it is not advisable to keep an alarm at 4 am for the next day. It will only ruin your health both physically and mentally. Try to get up 15- 30 minutes early than your usual time of getting up. Continue this for 2- 3 days and then again reduce the sleeping time like how you did before till you reach the decided time.

Go to bed early: If you want to rise early, you need to sleep early too. It is only doing a little justice to your body and soul. You are busy in the day time with your activities.  But a good night sleep gives the necessary rest to your body which is very much essential for a healthy living.

Place your alarm far from your bed: If your alarm clock is very close to you then the tendency to put it off and get back to bed is more.


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