How to develop social skills in you

iss If you want to be a part of the society and be an impressive person, you need to develop your social skills. A good personality is almost a synonym of highly developed social skills.  So if you want to improve social skills in you, read the following steps that you have to consider.

Be a good listener: Listening is not a silly task as it sounds to be. It is the first aspect that exhibits your social skills. Only if you listen to what others speak, you will be listened by others. When you are listening to someone, you are giving an impression to the speaker that you are sincerely involved in the conversation. Many of the people fail to listen to others, but are eager to speak. This may be because they are self centred and have a poor concentration level.

Show interest in others: When you are at a social gathering never go on talking about yourself. This will invite negative impression of you being a boastful person.  Show your interest in other people so that you can attract friends with your attention. You can very well build a conversation with open ended questions which requires answers in more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  You can keep the conversation going if you can convince the speaker of your concern in their affairs.

Put yourself in other’s shoes: Try to understand others. Treat them how you like to be treated by others. Be aware of your attitude so that you know what you are for others. Do not try to judge a person by the way he looks. Instead you can get close to him and you will know his worth. See that you do not hurt others feelings or ego with your harsh words. Speak politely and sweetly.

Silence speaks a lot: If at all you happen to be among snobbish people, do not respond them  in the  same was as they do. Just respond by a calm silence so that you do not leave any unhealthy dialogues. This is the best way of responding to such kind of people.


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