How to develop a muscular neck

neck A muscular neck adds oodles of masculinity to your overall facial structure. It is always better to have a taurine neck than a neck that looks like a bamboo shoot. You would definitely have noticed boxers, pugilists, rugby players, American footballers, martial artists and body builders having oak-like necks.

Building the neck muscle also in a way builds your facial muscles. It gives more prime to your jaws. You could end up looking like an action hero! There are plenty of heavy-duty exercises to build the neck. Here are some basic ones.

Warm up

Start of with a warm up. Rotate your head in a 360 degrees angle in a clockwise followed by anti-clockwise direction. Do about 20 repetitions in each direction. Next, lower and raise your head in a straight-line movement, while looking at the floor and ceiling for each move. Do about 20 repetitions.

Neck flips

These are excellent exercises for the neck. Care must be taken not to sprain your neck with an incorrect movement while doing this. Always use lightweights. Here’s how to do a neck flip.

1) Lie on your back on a flat and stable bench. Place a towel or two, or a cushion on your face / forehead. Let your head hang downwards at the edge of the bench. Bring it up and place a lightweight plate on your forehead or face. Clasp the plate with your hands. Lower your head until it hangs back downwards. Raise it again until your chin touches your chest. Do about 20 repetitions.


1) Always use lightweights
2) Do if possible under the supervision of another person, say an instructor
3) Use a neck harness when doing heavy weights


This is an exercise that primarily exercises the trapezoid muscles along with the neck. You can do shrugs with barbells as well as dumbbells. Here’s how to do a shrug.


1) Hold the barbell with lightweights in front of you at shoulder length, with your palms facing inwards
2) Raise both your shoulders in an upward motion


1) Hold the dumbbells at your sides
2) Raise both your shoulders in an upward motion


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