How to design your customer care division?

clc Customer care has become the buzz word of today. Consumers have become so demanding and conscious that business houses are fighting tooth and nail to woo them.

After sales services has become one of the determinant factors for purchases made by consumers. The 24×7 work culture of customer care is the outcome of the globalization and difference in time zones.

Entrepreneurs are shelling out huge bucks to outline and maintain customer care work space in the form of loads of equipments and facilities for customer care personnel.

Following are some instructions that could assist in the lay out of your customer care division:

1.    Measure the floor area. Analyze your customer base on the basis of sales records.

2.    Calculate the average number of calls to be expected from these customers on a daily basis. Suppose the average number of calls expected per day is somewhere between 3000.

3.    Evaluate the time duration for one call. This will give you the number of executives required to handle the current pressure of calls. Taking the above example if the average handling time for one call turns out to be 4 minutes then the total time required to exhaust all the enquiries would be calculated as 4×3000 = 12000mins i.e. 200 hrs.

4.    Take the total number hours required to resolve all the issues in one day and divide it by the number of work hours put in by each executive (as per labor laws it is 8hrs in a day). In the example cited above 200hrs /8 = 25 executives.

5.    Now after you are through with all the statistics, divide the floor area by number of executives after deducting space area for common facilities like coffee vending machines, aisles and intersections for easy movement.

6.    With the help of the experts, design the cubicles, lighting and fixtures according to the systems handled by each executive avoiding cluster and making more room.

Bhrat Brij

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