How to design your bathroom

hdb Many people make the mistake of not giving enough thought to designing a bathroom. A bathroom is an integral part of your grooming-up regime and so, giving adequate importance to its interiors is well justified.

Many people live in small apartments and complain that even if they made up their minds to have a fancy interior, there isn’t much space to decorate the bathroom anyway.

An elegant bathroom design can be achieved even in a very small space with the use of the right building accessories. Even in an average, small space of 6 feet by 4 feet, the interiors of the bathroom can be so designed to give a modern, user-friendly and clutter-free look. Following are the factors that can be kept in mind while designing the interiors of a small bathroom.

Colors: Selecting the right shade of the tiles is most important. Many people go for dark tiles assuming that darker shades will make cleaning easier and the blotches and unruly stains will appear less distinctly.

However, a good bathroom must be sparkling clean, irrespective of the color of the tiles. For this reason, it is best to get rid of inhibitions and stick to lighter shades. Lighter tile shades tend to give an illusion of a bigger space.

Designs: Right from cartoon characters, to abstract motifs, to floral designs, tiles come in a variety of appealing designs. There is a wide range to choose from. Using designed tiles is not an expensive proposition either. You can use the designed tiled only at one particular grid or column against the base of a light shade.

Mirrors: Use of mirrors can accentuate the interiors of a bathroom. Using a full-size mirror on one wall can immediately liven-up the bathroom. What’s more, it will give an illusion of twice the original size.

Cleaning: Use a good floor-cleaning agent on a regular basis to keep the bathroom clean and to retain the charm of the bathroom.


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