How to delete files from your computer?

files Today everyone is having a computer at their home.  Even little tots know how to use computers. With the advancement in technology children are taught in their primary school only how to use computer and they are very well versed with the basics of computer.

The main problem that is faced today is by the adults who have not used computer since their childhood and have to use it today because they have to meet the demand of the work. In this article you will learn few ways in which you can use computer easily.


Step 1

You might make new files in the computer, and want to delete the older ones. Since the memory of computer is limited so it is not recommended to keep very old and unnecessary files in it.

Step 2

You can easily remove the files from your computer. Just go to the file location. Right click on the file. Many options will open up, click on delete. Computer will prompt you if you surely want to put the file in your recycle bin? Click yes, the file is deleted.

Step 3

By this way you only delete your file from the main drive but it still occupies memory in the computer. To remove the file permanently click on file press shift+ Del and the file will be removed permanently from your PC.

Step 4

It is important to that you keep on deleting the files that you no longer require in your computer to enhance the working of your computer processor. Also all those files stored with a name of copy are already exiting in your computer so you can keep the original one and can delete the copied files. Whenever you make some addition in your existing file do not save it by a new name but overwrite or replace it.

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