How to Decorate your Home within a budget

Moving to a new flat? Want to decorate your home without spending much? Now you don’t have to be jealous of your friends. Embellish your rooms with some easy tricks and invite people to your home to get complements. You just have to follow the tips below.

Colorful walls make all the difference. Paint your different rooms with different colors. Apply your favorite colors in the rooms. You can also apply a different shade of color in a wall within a room. Not necessarily you have to paint all the walls of a room with same color.

Decorate your walls with beautiful wall hangers and show pieces. Some ethnic pieces can be set on the wall to draw attention. The colors of the show pieces should be contrasting with the color of the walls.

While choosing the curtains, keep the colors of the walls in mind. Try to match the color of the curtain with the color of the room. Some people also like a contrast between the wall colors and the curtains.

Try not to make the rooms crowded with furniture. Less furniture will make the rooms appear larger and clean. Be a little choosy while selecting the furniture. The colors of the furniture can be matched with the wall colors to bring a soothing effect.

Flower vases are not that expensive, but those can add to the beauty of your rooms. Unique flower vases with fresh colorful flowers will give your home a touch of purity and will fill it with good smell.

Decorative lampshades of different colors and shapes can be set to add value to the rooms. Stylish lampshades beautify the rooms and also enlighten them at night in a classy way.

Carpets can be set on the floors to increase the beauty of your home. However, if the tiles are colorful with a design, no carpet is required. Rather use floor mats to keep the rooms clean.


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