How To Decorate Your Garden With Fountains

fountain Do you want your garden to look beautiful? You can create a very soothing atmosphere by placing a fountain in the heart of your garden. If you learn how to decorate your garden with fountains you can make your garden a lovely paradise where you can find peace from your tiring and hectic life.

Make Your Own Fountain

It is quite simple to make your own fountain in your garden provided you manage to gather all those materials, which are required making the fountain. Various shops offer readymade fountains but you can use your own creativity to build a garden fountain. That would be more fun for sure.

Things Required For A Fountain

So what are the items that you need to create a fountain? You have to collect things like tubing items, a fountain pump, and small finishing items such as water plants, tiny rocks, and pebbles. You need a structure for fitting the pump and bear in mind that the water will come back to that structure. For this you can choose a large urn or even a big earthen pot.

Arranging the Fountain

It is very important to ensure that the fountain has access to electricity so that the pump can work. A re-circulating pump is good for this job. Start by selecting a good site for the fountain and then install the pump once the container for storing water is ready.

Decorate With Rocks

If you want to conceal the pump then you can place some broken pieces of brick and small rocks. You can also enhance the natural look with some nice green plants. If you have set up the fountain on a pond then you can also use water plants as they look good.

Listen to the soft sound of water gushing from your fountain and get ready to relax.


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