How to decorate a kids’ corner

kro For a house with kids, the interiors have to be designed in such a way that it can suit the energetic activities of the children. Ideally, the interiors for a children’s room should be roomy, to allow enough space for them to sit and carry on their extra-curricular activities.

Children get involved into a lot of activities like clay-modeling, playing board games, drawing and eventually end up requiring a lot of space. So, it doesn’t make sense to given them a room that is so full of furniture and knick-knacks, that they are left with little or no space to sit down and pursue their impulsive activities.

Ideally, keep a single bed on one side of the room. It can either be a bed, or just a number of soft mattresses piled one on the other up to a height of 10 inches. Align this bed with the wall, so they have enough back support. Make sure you have enough lighting, both near the bed and near the study table.

Lighting plays a very important role in decorating a kid’s corner. Inadequate lighting is one of the major reasons why children get spectacles at an early age. So, make sure the room has enough natural light, as well as light points at strategic locations.

Decorate the room using bright colors. You can also use cartoons to deck up the children’s area. A bunker bed is also a good idea for those families with two children. This not only saves space, but gives them a sense of adventure and adds to the fun quotient of the room. Make sure there are enough racks in the room for your kids to store their knick-knacks. Give them a shelf and teach them to arrange it well. Cute bed-spreads, with designs of cartoon characters are also a hit with children.


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