How to Decorate a Dinner Table

dinner Decorating a dinner table in the proper way will not only impress your guests but will also exhibit your taste and eye for details. Moreover, you can give the decoration of the table a special touch by exhibiting your aesthetic sensibilities. It is also a good way to impress your girlfriend during a romantic dinner. Read on to know how you can achieve all these.

Choose Tablecloths

While choosing a tablecloth pay attention to its color and make. It is a good idea to use linen rather than plastic. However, some people may prefer the plastic ones, as those are easy to wash. In case of a plastic tablecloth will not have to bother about stains on them. Before you spread the cloth make sure it is clean and free of any stains.


It is nice to have some fresh flowers on a vase and arrange it in the middle of the table. It definitely makes the appearance of the table more appealing. In case your table is not large enough to hold a vase and dinner plates then you can use something smaller or leave the idea.


This works best for romantic dinners. In case you can arrange some scented candles then that will make your dinner table more appropriate for the occasion. You can also use small, and colored glasses as candleholders. Make sure that some part of the glass id filled with water.

Table Arrangements

Now comes the most important part that of arranging plates, forks, and glasses on the table. Keep the water jugs at the corners of the tables. This will keep the water within the reach of your guests and they can pour it whenever they like. Arrange the various spoons and forks accordingly. In case your serving wine you will also have to add wine glasses in addition to the water glasses. The knives should be arranged on the right of the person where as the forks should be placed on the left. Also place the butter knife and the dessertspoon on the table.


If you are having a theme-based dinner then you can decorate the table by introducing some objects that would refer to the theme. You can experiment with tablecloths and napkins as well as the setting of the room. If it is a romantic dinner you can give it a personal touch. Placing a greetings card on the table with a romantic message is a good idea.

Set the table in such a manner that guests immediately feel comfortable. Make sure that the table is not too cluttered.


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