How to décor your office?

dof Decorating one’s office involves balancing between utility and style statement. There are range of colors, textures, furniture, fixtures and accessories such as carpets, wall hangings, picture frames etc. should not only highlight your taste but also be chic and professional.

First impression is the last impression is an appropriate adage when it comes to the visitors arriving for the first time. Another aspect which must be taken into account is optimum utilization of space area without giving it a clustered look.

Given below are some tips to give your office the classy look:

1.    Choice of colors: Paint the walls choosing a color that strongly reflects your business character. Offices catering to services such as banking, litigation, health, education etc. can stick to the basic shades of white, beige, or the lightest hues of pink, yellow, blue or green. The glamorous ones such as the office of the fashion firm, advertising agency can go for bold and brighter colors like red, orange, purple, etc.

2.    Another good way to decide on a paint color is to match it to the colors of your company logo. This will bring the office ambiance in sync with the line of business operation. Most of the airline industry offices have their offices painted on similar lines.

3.    Include fixtures, lightings and furniture which have a purpose as well as good aesthetic sense. Creativity is one characteristic that can be experimented here to give that stark minimal effect.

4.     Adorn the administrative center with paintings, photos, art works and accessories to enliven the official atmosphere. Emphasize on timelessness than fashion to give that eternal appearance.

5.    Experiment with some flora. Go green with some plantations within and outside the office premises to add a touch of natural element to the otherwise lifeless structures and facilities. Choice of plants whether indoor or outdoor varieties should be done on the basis the space available and maintenance costs.

Bhrat Brij

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