How to decide between best friend or parent

parent Parenting is a tricky business. There is always a dilemma attached to it. Should we become the strict parent or should we become the best friend of the child? Will becoming the best friend of the child affect his or her future? When should the decision be taken? You should be sure where your child needs you to be and take a decision based on it.

Relationship building factors

Relationship thrive on certain values which should be imbibed to the child as a parent. Truth, wisdom, knowledge, caring and loving are the factors that build relationships. So, as a parent, you should possess all these values and your child should be given an opportunity to take these values into his or her life.

Listen always as a friend

You should be always willing to encourage your child to speak out. Even if they make a mistake, listen to them patiently before forcing your decisions on them. Bring in qualities of friendship than parent in every day life. For example, your child wants to play in the evening after coming back from school and his or hers previous grade was lower than expected.

As a parent, you may be forceful and want him or her to concentrate on studies. As a friend, you would be willing to send them outside for playing and making arrangements for studying once they come back. There would be cases when you have to listen as a friend but use parental practice as input. For example, if your child wants to go close to a dangerous waterfall, tell him or her the dangers involved and prevent them by stating reasons.

Laugh together

It is a good habit to joke with your children and create good memories that will last longer and will be passed on to the children’s children.

Encourage your children

Encourage your children to spend time with friends and teach the value of dividing the time between parents and friends. Encourage your children to bring friends home and be friendly with them also. Encourage your children to go to friends houses and behave properly. Encourage your child to be open in communication and that will make you a true parent and friend in their mind.


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