How to Deal With Your E-Mails

obn Do you know how to deal with your e-mails? Just like you have to manage all you papers and bills, you need to manage all the e-mails that you receive on a regular basis. Yes, you have to devote a few minutes everyday in order to sit with your e-mails and decide what you want to do with them.

If you are expecting an important e-mail then you will surely check your inbox without failure but even if you don’t anticipate anything you should make it a routine to open your inbox at least once a day. This will reduce a lot of your load.

Is Your Inbox Neat?

Take a look at your e-mail inbox and find out how it looks. Do you find that it is cluttered with all those e-mails that you have already read but did not get the time to file, answer, or print? If your answer is yes then you should know how to manage your e-mails in the manner in which you handle your papers. This will ensure that you work very efficiently.

Don’t Waste Time

It is sensible to handle your e-mails just once. You should set up some folders in which you can file some essential e-mails like those that are required for your business projects. You may also need to save other office related e-mails.

Answer or Delete

Once you open an e-mail, make it a point to answer, file, or delete it. You should try not to keep an e-mail for dealing with later. This kind of procrastination will only waste your time as you would have to reread the mail when you open it once again after some days. Save time and do things as soon as possible.

No E-Mail Notifications

If you normally have the habit of working at a computer terminal, then make sure that your system does not send an e-mail notification each time you get a new one. This will disturb your concentration and constantly interrupt your work.

When you will be away, you should use a feature like ‘out of office’ that will send an auto-reply. This will allow the senders to know you possibly could not go-through the e-mail.


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