How to Deal With Sneezing Problem

psn Sneezing is the compelled forcing out of air from the lungs. When foreign particles enter the nasal area, it results in an irritation, which makes the person to sneeze out the foreign particles through the nose and mouth. It is essentially expelling out the irritant-laden mucus of the nose.

Sneezing is good because it is a repulse reaction to prevent invasion of foreign particles. These foreign particles may be germs, bacteria, and other irritants. It can also be caused when exposed to bright light. We often see people getting into heavy sneezing when in bright sunlight or a source of artificial light. There are some preventive methods that will be helpful to rid sneezing. They are as follows.

– Deep breathing can help reduce sneezing.

– Keep your house and working environment spic and span. Install air filters. Try to keep pets from coming inside the house often. Don’t live in a locality that has manufacturing units nearby.

Stopping the sneeze

You can try these techniques to stop a sneeze.

– Hold the tip of your nose between your thumb and index fingers. Pinch it just when you feel you are going to sneeze.

– Another way is to regularly clean your nose by blowing your nose off all the mucous.

– Place your thumb on the small depression on the middle of your upper lip. Press it lightly to reduce the tingling sneeze sensation.

– Sneezing happens when you breathe. When you are about to sneeze, just hold your breath to stop the sneeze. After the tingling sensation has stopped, breathe again.


Never try to stop a strong sneeze. These sneezes come out at high velocities. It can harm you if you try to stifle it in the wrong way. Do not obstruct the path of the sneeze by holding your hand over the mouth, or shutting the nose with fingers.

If the sneeze is a heavy one, then incorrect stifling can cause internal rupture of blood vessels. It can even damage your ear, and cause hearing loss.


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