How to deal with nasal polyps

nasal Nose is one of the most delicate parts of the body. Made out of cartilage bone, it is highly fragile and even slight injury or blow can result into painful situations. Because of its complex physiological structure, nasal surgeries are also a wee-bit complicated process.

Nasal polyps often occur in individuals who have a history of allergic reactions. There are many different factors that can cause nasal polyps. Some reasons why nasal polyps form in the nose passage are because of frequent, persistent sneezing due to dust allergy, weak health resulting into frequent bouts of cough and cold or due to past injuries. Nasal polyps are most commonly observed in patients with allergic rhinitis, the symptoms of which are sneezing, itchy or stuffy nose, etc.

These polyps are jelly-like growths on the lining of the sinuses on sides of the inner lining of the nasal passage. Though these polyps are most often not painful, they can cause a loss of smell, block the nose (a condition very similar to cold) and thus lead to frequent headaches. However, if the polyps are very painful, or cause bleeding, the condition may be serious and there are chances of the presence of a small tumor in the nasal path.

There are two ways to deal with these polyps. One option is to use a nose-spray. This spray contains a steroid and gradually helps remove the polyps. However, if the condition is not treated using a nasal spray, then the person may have to undergo a small surgery. It is performed under local or under general anesthesia as per the medical condition and according to the discretion of the doctor.

The surgery usually wraps up under an hour and person can recover full well in under a month’s time. Endoscopic surgeries are also carried out to remove nasal polyps.


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