How to deal with muscle pull

pull2 You may catch a muscle pull suddenly or experience a strain, tearing sensation at times.  It is mostly a result of stretching ourselves or over utilizing our muscle strength and capacity.  It could be due to exercises, lifting heavy objects, stretching our muscles beyond a point or exertion.

If you catch a muscle pull, stop exercising or indulging in a strenuous workout or physical activities.  Do not expose yourself to hard labour or laborious tasks.  The key is to allow the region or part of the body to rest adequately, and give it time for healing.  Do not try to reverse the muscle pull by reversing the body movements or by sudden jolts or jerks.

Rest adequately.  Relaxation and minimizing movements are important.  Also a nourishing and healthy diet is important to recover and heal faster.  Eat food containing plenty of proteins, dietary fibre and carbohydrates.  Milk, milk products, soybeans, oats, eggs, cereals are good sources of essential nutrients to the body and will be useful in strengthening the muscles.

If the condition is painful and persistent, do not neglect it, take it lightly and expect it to get well on its own.  Sometimes a muscle pull may have a deeper wound and may need professional treatment for recovery.

Consult a doctor for medical treatment if the pull is very painful and does not ease off.  Use ointments or lotions as prescribed by the doctor.  Also consult your doctor before using pain-relieving tablets.

You may also visit a massage therapist for careful and effective treatment to heal the muscles.  You may follow hot compression or cold compression only after consultation with the therapist and with sure knowledge that it will be a suitable thing for you to do.

If you are given a band to wrap around the muscle, make use of it.  The bands help in supporting and settling the muscles, and helps in reducing pain caused to due strain.  If you have been suggested light exercises by the therapist, follow it consciously.


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