How to deal with multicultural employees?

mcee With globalization, multiculturalism is one feature which has come to the spotlight in the business arena. The corporate world has become more like a cocktail of several ethnic groups, religions, race and cultures. This cultural mix within a business set up, school, city or a country is called as multiculturalism.

It may not be easy for a business executive to manage employees belonging to diverse cultures working under one roof without being self equipped with some fundamentals. There are five major factors which assist in the governance of such groups namely trust, communication, mentoring, understanding and delegating.

As a businessman or an executive, you must take in to consideration the above mentioned factors while interacting with your staff or subordinates.

Follow some of the guidelines mentioned below to better understanding:

1.    Do some self study to get familiar with traditions, customs and practices of your employees.

2.    Observe the way the employees interact with one another. A keen observation is more than enough to know which particular gesture or practice is acceptable and which ones are a total no no.

3.    Interact with employees as often as you can. Indulge in to casual talk and get to know about their traditions.

4.    Do not be prejudiced to any particular religion or culture on the basis of preconceived notions.

5.    Treat all employees at par. Any partiality or favoritism will bring aboutill will and create factions within a harmonious group. Such segmentation is not a good sign for any organization.

6.    Show respect to sundry groups working in your company. Be conscious with regard to the some gestures or actions that are not acceptable by certain cultures.

7.    Learn and try to imbibe some of the practices in an official or professional gathering to make to build a rapport with your employees.

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