How to deal with mood swings

mood Everyone goes through a phase of sudden temper tantrums. If not sudden bursts of anger, many also plummet into a sudden feeling of depression. You end up feeling gloomy and sulky. On the face of it, there are no explanations for the sudden mood swings that you encounter.

However, mood swings have a lot to do with your body mechanism and often, you must understand that the reason you are prone to sudden changes in mood is because your body is undergoing through a series of hormonal reactions.

These hormonal reactions often trigger bouts of stress, fatigue and one ends up feeling low and lethargic. Once you start understanding your body better, you will realize that mood swings are indeed a sign of some internal body mechanisms and not something that is directly under your control. As a result, you will not only be able to deal with you sudden mood swings in a better way, what’s more, you will also feel less guilty for lashing out on unsuspecting friends and family members.

Many women are prone to mood swings during their menses. They often feel depressed before, or after the menstruation cycle. This is because their body is undergoing specific changes at those times. The levels of reproductive hormones are fluctuating at these points of time and hence, it has a direct relation on the woman’s mood.

To deal with mood swings, one can resort to listening light music. Light films and reading is also an immediate stress buster. It helps to take your mind away from useless brooding and thus helps you feel calmer.

When you are going through a phase of mood swings, tell your friends and family the exact cause and ask them to understand. When you get cranky and when you are only irked by company, it is better to frankly ask to be left alone, rather than end up hurting someone.


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