How To Deal With Internet Addiction

net Internet addiction is spending too much time surfing the Internet. It can also stem from too much dependency on the Internet. The Internet offers plenty of avenues for multimedia entertainment. It has overtaken traditional sources of entertainment like television and radio. People now watch movies on the Internet and listen to online music.

The influence of the Internet is so powerful that it has the capability to answer most of people’s information and entertainment needs. Internet addicts come from all ages. It can range from young kids, adults, housewives, to senior citizens.

Since the Internet offers a variety of content, addiction can be based on specific content categories. Some people may be addicted to watching porn, downloading porn movies, and browsing erotic sites. Another category of people are addicted to social networking sites, business networking sites, and stock market sites.

There are some people who spend the whole day in public online chat rooms. They may involve themselves in online dating and cyber-sex. Children, teenagers, and young adults are among the largest chunk of addicts of online games.

Internet addiction can come in the way of work as well. Employees of various organizations surf the Internet during office hours. They visit online shopping sites, gambling sites, auction sites and what not.

How to stop being an Internet addict

– During weekends try to be a little outdoorsy. Meet up friends, or go out with family. Try to stay away from you personal computer. Read newspapers and magazines. Watch television, or go to the movies. Listen to radio or music from your music system. You can also pick up a hobby, which disallows you to seek solace from the Internet. Enroll for a dance or music class, join a NGO, and do things that don’t draw you to your computer.

– Try to set a time for Internet usage everyday, and try not to overshoot it. Inculcate self-discipline.

– When you are working, you can ask your system administrator to disable your Internet connectivity. You can do it yourself as well. You can even disable your access to certain sites. It will be difficult dealing with it initially, but you will get used to it.


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