How to Deal With Gray Hair

tgh1 If you want to know how to deal with gray hair then one of the best options is to use henna. This traditional herb has been used by women since ages to color gray strands of hair.

The leaves of henna are dried and pounded to produce a fine powder. You can mix this powder to make a thick paste. Just one hour prior to taking a bath, you can apply this paste on your hair.

Make sure that you evenly apply the paste along the length of your hair, covering all the strands. Gray hair gets a nice brown or reddish tinge when you use henna while black hair gets a good shine. You can also arrest excessive hair loss and prevent premature graying if you use henna hair pack at least once a weak.

Use a Paste of Black Seeds

Another solution for treating gray hair is using a paste of Kalonji or black seed. It is also known as black cumin. You can make a paste of the seeds with vinegar or water. This is an age old remedy and thus many people trust it. It is very good for curing many hair problems such as gray hair, hair loss, and dandruff.

Use Amla Hair Pack

One of the most popular remedies for treating the problem of gray hair is using Indian gooseberry or amla. You can try this simple hair pack using amla that is excellent for darkening as well as conditioning gray hair. You need one tablespoon each of castor oil, lemon juice, shikakai powder, reetha or soap nut powder, and amla powder, one egg, and two tablespoons of henna powder.

Mix all the above ingredients well with water and apply on your hair. Leave it on for one hour and shampoo off. If you use this pack regularly then you will find that the color of your hair is becoming dark for sure. You have to wait for a month to notice the results.


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