How to deal with dog bites

bite Dogs are a man’s best friend. They make excellent domestic pets. But they have moods too and can attack. They can be unpredictable, as humans have not fully understood dog behavior. Street dogs pose the great risk of transmitting rabies and other infections with their bites. Though dog bites are common, it must be avoided. Even a scratch or a small scrape from the teeth of an unidentified dog should not be overlooked. When a dog bites, there are necessary precautions that need to be taken.

1) Move away the attacker and attacked. In this case the dog is the attacker. Move or shoo the dog away. If it is a rabid dog, then call a dog-catching agency immediately as the dog might have gone crazy and will surely attack more people. Dogs may also bite if they feel threatened in their own territory. As animals, they are fiercely territorial and may keep attacking till the attacked victim moves away from the vicinity of the territory.

2) When you are not the victim, wear protective gloves and wash your hands before and after any contact with the victim. Avoid using tight bands to stop the flow of blood to the wound, unless the bleeding is severe. You can control the bleeding by plugging the wound with a soft tissue or gauze.

3) Once the bleeding stops clean the wound with warm water and liquid soap. Wash and dry thoroughly.

4) Put antibiotic ointment and dress the wound with bandage or gauze. Assess the nature of the wound. It may show signs of swelling, redness or puss formation.

5) Contact the physician immediately. The physician will assess the severity of the bite. It may be a deep wound or a scratch. Any bite carries the risk of transmitting rabies, unless the dog is identified. For unidentified dogs, the victim has to take anti-rabies vaccination as a precaution.


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