How To deal with controlling mother?

motherr Once your best friend, your mother has now become a nuisance.  She always seems to be in your business and tells you how to run your life.  So how do you deal with a controlling mother?  Read on for some advice.

Sit down with your mother and talk to her openly.  Let her know that you thank her for everything she has given to you and has taught you.  Then let her know that you are having some problems with her.  Talk about the problems and try to come up with a solution.

Do not take your mother for granted.  Be appreciative of what she has done for you and the eternal love that she gives.

If your mother becomes pushy and tries to involve herself in your life, explain to her politely that while you love her, there are some things that you prefer to keep to yourself.  If she persists, try to tactfully change the subject.

Set boundaries for your mother.  Or appease her by organizing a give-and-take plan.  Tell her that she is not allowed to ask about certain things but in return, you would be happy to share other information with her about your life.

Sometimes it just seems impossible to sit down with your mother and have a decent conversation without ending up in a fight or hurting someone’s feelings.  If this is the case, write your mother a letter.  Let her know the type of relationship you want with her and that if she does not respect your wishes, the relationship will become strained.

Be strong and independent.  Do not go to your mother for answers and approvals.  Find solutions and acceptance through your own resources.

As your mother pushes to get more involved in your life and you hold your hand out for her to stop, she may lay a guilt trip on you.  Don’t let this get to you.  It is her way of allowing herself back into your personal business.  Don’t feel guilty that you want to experience your own life.

Do not ignore your mother.  If she calls, call her back.  The angrier she gets the more she is going to meddle in your business.

If you have tried these suggestions and still cannot get your mother out of your personal life, you may need to go to counseling to work out your issues.  Your mother may have some personal issues that cause her to be overbearing.  Hopefully the therapist can come up with a compromise for both of you.


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