How to deal with conflict at workplace

dw Conflict at work place is quite a common issue as it is a blend of different characters working under same roof for a common objective.

It is never so easy to go hand in hand with every person you work with. There may be differences of opinion in various matters which give birth to conflict.

Follow the rule; give respect and take respect: This is the best part of the show. When you give enough of respect to others; definitely you will be respected too. Respect everyone in the workplace as a human being. Do not underestimate your subordinates. They are also human beings just as you. No matter how the other person behaves with you. You will be the winner if you can remain calm and follow professionalism without exchanging unpleasant words.

Try to solve the issue and not aggravate it: When you are before a conflict; try to put up ideas to solve it and improve the situation. Do not exhibit your negativity and grievances. A good professional should be able to remain peaceful without disturbing the office atmosphere.  If you want to talk; remember to talk firmly but politely.

Seek help of some mediator: An eligible person who can play a neutral role and mediate the situation could be consulted. In certain conflict it will be too difficult to reach to a settlement by both the parties. So a mediator can help to make a resolution that both the parties may find it acceptable. This will save the situation from unhealthy communication among the co workers.

Show willingness to accept: When some ideas have been put forth to solve the issue; both the parties should show a willingness to accept. Let not your ego be an obstruction in solving the conflict. Instead think of the consequences both the parties have to face if the conflict continues.


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