How to deal with blackheads

blkhd Blackheads may be caused by excessive facial oil, lack of water, indigestion, constipation or excessive scrubbing.  It can give an ugly appearance to the region and may make you feel conscious while dealing face to face with anyone.  It can be embarrassing and may keep nagging at you.

You can use some peel off home remedies for dealing with blackheads.  There are blackheads removing strips available in the markets these days.  Some lotions or solutions to remove blackheads may also come handy.

Drink plenty of water.  It prevents dehydration and also flushes out toxins from the body.  It also helps to clear the pores.

Do no eat oily, deep fried, fatty items.  Eat more of raw vegetables like cucumber, onion, tomato etc.  Eat fresh fruits or drink fruit juices rich in vitamin C.  Avoid drinking too much of tea, coffee or artificial carbonated drinks.

You can use a peel off mask or plain mask for reducing blackheads.  A paste of turmeric and sandalwood can help.  Applying aloe vera for 15-20 minutes in the area, and rinsing it off can also be a good remedy.

Use a mild exfoliant and lightly massage in the region where blackheads appear.  After rinsing your face with water, apply a paste of yogurt, honey and lemon juice to it.  A mask of honey and cinnamon powder can also be useful.  Leave it on overnight and rinse it in the morning.

Applying egg whites or a mix of egg white with oatmeal is also know to have beneficial properties for reducing blackheads.  In some cases, steaming will also help, as it opens the pores and flushes out oil and dirt, and cleans the skin.  Adding few drops of lavender oil to the water while cleaning the face may also help.

However, these are not permanent solutions to fix the blackhead problem, though it may help in reducing the problem.  You may consult a dermatologist for professional care and treatment, if it is a persistent problem.


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