How to deal with an uneven skin tone

ust Many women complain of several skin problems that they are worried about. These problems arise, they claim, in spite of following a regular beauty regime.

Dermatologists say that skin problems can occur even in those women who devote enough time to taking care of their face, because of a certain hormonal imbalance, because of the adverse effects of pollution, erratic sleep schedules or because of stress. Uneven skin tone is often a major complain in women. Here’s how you can get rid of uneven skin tone.

Uneven skin tone means that the skin becomes lighter or darker than its normal appearance. This is respectively called hypo or hyper pigmentation. The skin gets its color from a skin pigment called melanin. When melanin becomes concentrated (this happens in direct sunlight) the skin appears dark.

However, when melanin pigments are less, the skin becomes fair. This is normal and is not a major medical issue. Several simple measures can be undertaken to take care of an uneven skin tone.

Skin darkening is caused by the reaction of direct sunlight with the hormone called estrogen. Many a times, women also get dark circles beneath their eyes. This is also a case of uneven skin tone. However, it has a number of reasons to it, like inadequate sleep, stress, medicines, etc.

Medical science has evolved a lot of dietary supplements and treatment to take care of such skin conditions. A mix of regular spa therapies under the guidance of a professional dermatologist can also help ease the symptoms.

Use of astringents can lighten the skin tone that has become sun tanned. Make-up aids like concealers can be used to conceal dark circles or blotches. Moreover, while out in the sun, make sure to use a good sun screen. Cover your arms with a sun coat if possible.


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