How to de-stress after work

dst When one comes home dog-tired after long, demanding hours at the office, we want nothing more than to sit back and relax. We want to combat the stress and fatigue that has piled up after a day long tryst with business meetings, tough decisions and a lot of paperwork.

If work-related stress is not kept under control, it can lead to several health disorders like hyper tension, acidity, insomnia.

There are many stress-relieving therapies to refresh a tired soul. However, we don’t often pamper ourselves enough to rejuvenate our mind and body. Here are some ways in which one can de-stress after a long and tiring day.

Hit the spa: Once in a while, make it a point to fix an appointment with the local spa centre. Hit the spa and choose a relaxing body massage from one of the many on option. Body massages use different types of aromatic oils that can ease back ache, relax the mind and the soul and induce sleep.

Some therapies focus on relaxing the mind and are even recommended for insomnia patients. Though many spas often charge slightly high for their services, one must definitely splurge once in a while to focus on your mental and physical well-being.

Go for a foot massage: Foot reflexology is a natural therapy which is used to relax the body by pressing specific points on the foot. It works on the principle that the body is connected by 10 longitudinal zones and when these ‘pulse points’ are massaged, it brings relief to a corresponding part in the body located elsewhere. This can instantly put you in relaxing mood and help you feel better.

Take a walk: Walking is also a very good exercise. If you are feeling low on energy, you can go out for a walk down the road or jog in the local park. Brisk-walking even for 10 minutes can help you feel rejuvenated.


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