How to cure low blood pressure

lbp Low blood pressure can cause fatigue, nausea, dizziness and feeling of exhaustion and weakness.  You can use a few home remedies to counter low blood pressure.

Concentrate on your diet, hours of sleep you get, and level of activity, exertion or stress.  Take adequate rest during this phase.  Do not get tensed about work pressures or other matters you have to cater to.  Be at home, eat well and relax.

Eat a healthy and nutritious food.  Eat small meals throughout the day, so that you keep supplying energy to the body constantly.  Include essential sugars, especially glucose, to counter low pressure.  Drinking a glass of Glucon-D or Electral, containing essential vitamins, salts and sugar can help.

Try to boost the intake of food containing iron, for example, eat boiled beetroots or drink beetroot juice.  Eating jaggery or peanuts also can be beneficial.  Include fresh fruits, proteins and vitamin B and C in your diet.  Drinking buttermilk with pinch of asafetida is known to have beneficial properties.

You can take a cup of strong black coffee for some relief.  Drinking a glass of water mixed with honey, lemon and basil leaves is also helpful.  Dip the basil leaves overnight into water, and add honey to it in the morning.  Basil leaves can also be added to tea for its useful qualities.

Eating raisins or almonds on empty stomach is known to work well for people with low blood pressure.  Soak the raisins and almonds overnight.  You may remove the peel of the almond and eat it.  You can also make a paste of almond, add raisins to it, and eat.

Get a blood check done regularly to keep track of the hemoglobin level.  Lack of iron or hemoglobin can lead to repeated instances of low blood pressure.  Women must especially be careful about their diet, if they are anemic.


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