How to cure cold

curecold Cold causes a lot of irritation, restlessness and general feeling of tiredness.  Cold is caused by sudden exposure to different temperatures, going out in the sun after hair bath, due to dust or by consumption of cold items.  Sometimes cold is also accompanied by throat infection, headache and blockage of ear and sense of taste. 

During cold, do not expose yourself to sun or air conditioner.  Sit in a room that has normal temperature and is breezy.  Rest is essential, since the body and mind get tired and exhausted.  Take the day off from work so that you are not affected by other pollutants and temperature changes.

Consume lots of warm liquids.  Warm milk with turmeric power is known to have healing qualities.  Similarly, lukewarm buttermilk with powdered black pepper is also beneficial.  You can also have curd with a pinch of asafetida for relief.

Consuming soup is another tasty and nutritious item that can provide relief.  Tomato soup, lentil soup or mixed vegetable soup are healthy options you can try.  Add garlic or ginger to soup preparations for better relief from cold.  Tea and coffee will also provide relief, stimulate the mind and reduce the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion.  Adding ginger to the tea will help in the healing process.

Intake of vitamin C is also considered beneficial.  Drink orange juice or pineapple juice.  You can also drink warm water mixed with lemon juice, honey and ginger.

You may use decongestant to open up the blocked senses.  Inhaling eucalyptus oil or applying a roll on balm of eucalyptus slightly on the nasal region can provide temporary relief.

Steaming is another option to clear the mucous.  A hot bath can also offer comfort and relaxed feeling.  Do not take a hair bath during cold.

If the cold is persistent you may use over the counter drugs that you normally use during cold or consult a doctor for medical treatment.


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