How to cure acne using Vitamin treatment?

sknn Vitamins are essential for our body. They are required in small quantities by the body but their deficiency may lead to various effects and release of unwanted hormones in the body. Deficiency of vitamins inside your body may be one of the causes of acne. Doctor’s advise intake of vitamins on daily basis. The best sources of vitamins are fruits and juices.

The acne problem can be treated by using Vitamin A and Niacin. These vitamins help to fill the deficiency of the vitamins and demote the production of various chemicals which causes acne. The quantity of intake of such vitamins should be limited, excess intake of vitamins may also cause some side effects.

1. You must take 100 mg of niacin three times a day and fifty thousand international units for Vitamin A three times a day or as prescribed by the doctor.

2. You can even include vitamin E in your Vitamin treatment. The quantity must not increase from 400 mg once everyday day. The treatment must be carried for at least one month to get the complete benefits. Intake of excess of Vitamin E may lead you to put on few ponds, don’t be scared it is just temporary and as soon as you complete the treatment you will lose that extra flab.

Vitamins help to bring a natural glow on our face and skin.  Also they help improper functioning off the body.  They may be needed the body in small quantities but their deficiency inside the body can lead to serious troubles.  You must eat a healthy diet that is rich in essential nutrients.  Maintaining the proper diet and exercise will help you live a healthy life in the longer run and you will be able to avoid many diseases through your strong immunity system.  Taking care of your help is your own responsibility so giving your body the required nutrition is must.

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