How to cure acne using home made Fullers earth pack?

fu Fuller’s earth is an essential ingredient in curing acne and pimples. Fuller’s earth is believed to have curing properties. Even the scars and marks that are years old can be treated easily with the help fo fullers earth. It is the best source of keeping your skin young and fighting the signs of old age.

It cures acne speedily and even removes the spots and marks. The Fuller’s earth is available in the market in two forms, one is crushed powdered from and other is uncrushed form. I prefer to use the crushed from of Fuller’s earth.

Step 1) Take quarter spoon of fuller’s earth in a bowl. Depending on your skin type you can add various other ingredients.  Oily skin can add water or rose water in the fuller’s earth to convert it into a paste. People with dry skin may try milk in stead of water.  Using a face pack made up of fullers earth will help you keep your skin away from pimples, pigmentation and dark spots.

Step 2) Add few drops of lemon in the paste to get that extra shine on the skin.

Step 3) Before applying the paste ion your skin makes sure you cleanse it properly. Do not use a face wash before using this paste or it may cause extra dryness to your skin.

Step 4) Apply it on the acne affected area. I prefer to apply it on entire face as it helps to tighten the skin and close the open pores.
The best effect of this face pack can be felt when used after a scrub. Remove the black heads after scrubbing and then apply the face pack to tighten it.  you can apply the face pack twice a week in summers and once a fortnight in winter season as our skin is already dry  in winters.

Bhrat Brij

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