How to cure acne using garlic and coriander?

garlicc Garlic is said to be the vegetable that contains a great amount of medicinal properties. You will not believe the results that you will get on applying the garlic paste face pack. Among all the vegetables garlic is considered to have maximum properties and advances to cure pimples. If you are suffering from that disgusting acne problem then you may try garlic to cure it.

Step 1) Take one clove of raw garlic and rub it against it pimple 5-7 times a day. it will help you get rid of that ancient acnes as well. It is quiet a contender. Not only has this garlic helped to fight various diseases inside the body as well. You can take three raw cloves daily to cleanse the impurities and toxins from your body internally. Your immunity system will be enhanced and your body will be able to resist and fight diseases more effectively.

Step 2) Coriander and mint juice are also helpful in treating acne. Take fresh coriander and mint leaves and crush them using a stone to produce some juice.

Step 3) Take one spoon of coriander juice and add a little bit of turmeric powder into it. Make a paste and apply on your acne and black heads to cure them completely.

Step 4) Cleanse your face and apply the paste before going to sleep and wash off the next morning and let it cure your skin entire night. Leaving the pack overnight allows the antioxidants contained in the juice to fight with the bacteria causing pimple efficiently and repairs your skin from the damage.

Also instead of coriander juice you can opt for mint juice as well. Mint is juicier than coriander, add the same amount of turmeric powder and apply it same way to cure acne or even the scars and marks if you have any.

Bhrat Brij

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