How to cure Acne using Flour mask?

flour Wheat is basic and the least complex form of food.  It is a kind of food that imparts nutrition, health and strength to your body.  It is easily available in the market and is not very expensive as well. Be aware of the  Processed flour that is available all around the market today and causes various diseases to your body.

Wheat is essential source of food and is potentially the best source available till date. Wheat when polished looses most of the nutrients.  The polished form of wheat is harmful for the body and can lead to serious cancer or tumors if consumed for a long time.  Many doctors now recommended to restrict the consumption of processed wheat.

Wheat can also be used a mask to cure pimples and acne. Wheat when turned into a form of paste becomes thick. It has tightening properties as well. Various aged ladies may want to try this option to tighten up your skin. Sun tanned yellow wheat helps to give your skin freshness and add to your skin tone in its own natural way.  It is grown widely every year in paddy fields.  They bloom to their maximum size after the rain.

Step 1) Take 300 grams of wheat and grind it into powder in a mixer or a blender.

Step 2) Strain the wheat through a strainer so that you get rid of bigger particles.

Step 3) Add milk in the powder to turn it in to a paste. Add few drops of rose water and apply on the acne affected area, those people who are trying it for tightening effect can apply it in entire face.

Step 4) Wash it off thoroughly when completely dry.

Step 5) You can apply a moisturizing lotion if your skin feels dry. People with dry skin must not wait for the face pack to dry completely.

Bhrat Brij

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