How to cure acne using Fenugreek and cucumber?

cac Fenugreek is believed to cure acne problems and is very common worldwide. The medicinal properties of fenugreek are popular since ages.  People have been using fenugreek as an essential element of treating body with different kinds of  irritation and marks.

Fenugreek helps your pimples settle down and removes the filth and impurities from them and cures the acne from the core. It takes 7 days to cure pimples using it. It helps to removes the spots of pimples as well. The fenugreek leaves are easily available in the market or may be in a garden near you.

Step 1) Take few fenugreek leave and crush them properly.

Step 2) Now before going to sleep make sure to cover the pimple affected area completely with fenugreek leaves and leave it overnight.

Step 3) Next morning wash it of thoroughly using warm water. You can also use it to avoid pimples from developing.  Regular use of this face pack the help you keep your face flawless and sparkling.

Cucumber Treatment

Cucumber is an important vegetable with a good amount of nutrition and fiber. Cucumber is also used from decades in various face packs and by beauticians to cure acne and give glow to the skin.

Step 1) Grate fresh cucumber in a plate and apply it onto entire face and neck for at least 15 minutes. The cucumber is hydrated vegetable and does not dry out so you do not have to wait for the pack to dry out completely.

Step 2) Remove the pack after 15 minutes and wash off the face. It has a cooling and soothing effect as well.  The cooling effect provided by the cucumber pack will help you relax and release the tension and stress of your daily work load.  You can easily get cucumber at a vegetable market near your house.  It is a cheap vegetable with lots of medicinal properties.

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