How to curb cyber crime?

cyr Abuse of internet technology has lead to increase in the instances of online crimes more than ever before. The age of fast information technology has given rise to a gamut of cyber crimes such as identity theft, online fraud, pornography, unauthorized access to intellectual property, spoofing, financial crimes etc.

Though e commerce has simplified and made the lives of the consumers and marketers much simpler, convenient and economical, yet escalating cyber crimes are issues requiring much attention for a feasible solution. Some mischievous elements have managed to get away with heinous crimes leaving no clue behind.

Another major problem that has emerged recently is the use of internet by terrorists. These issues need to be tackled at the earliest before the damage caused goes beyond proportion. Business enterprises have staked huge investments just to curb such illegal activities done online, the results have been satisfactory but so far there are no means to curb this alarming crime.

As an entrepreneur you have to take necessary step in this direction at your end and contribute to make this world free of cyber crime:

1.    Install proper spy ware and security software into all the systems within your office.

2.    Set up a central program that could remotely monitor the working of any PC or laptop being operated within the premises. This will ensure that no one indulges in pornography.

3.    Ensure that employees are not able to take any confidential matter related to the accounts of customers by way of secondary storage devices like CDs, pen drives etc.

4.    Have an effective mechanical device which could screen the employees and visitors at the time of entry and exit.

5.    Include strict rules and regulations regarding cyber crimes in the office manual and other important legal documents such as appointment letters handed over to employees.

6.    Convey information about your security measures to your online customers to regain their trust in your firm.

Bhrat Brij

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