How to create more space in your home?

space It is very essential to have sufficient space in your home so that you can move from one place to another quickly and do not get dodge into various furniture pieces kept in your house.  If your room is spacious and airy it will be easier for you to stay there and it will not be heated up as well.  It is very easy to create free space in your house by implementing the following tips that are mentioned below:


Step 1

If you are living in a small house and have loads of furniture and other articles for decoration than it is very important that you adjust them correctly to create enough space for passage.

Step 2

You must choose the furniture articles that can be folded and capped aside when not in use so that you do not have to keep them in your way all the time.  Make sure you paint your room with light color paints as they reflect the heat and light and make them look bigger.

Step 3

But if you want to make a particular part of your house look bigger in size then you can use mirrors in it.  Mirrors are able to reflect the light falling on them and certainly make any smaller area look spacious.

Step 4

Do not keep plants inside your room or lounge room as not only they will be difficult to manage inside but will also occupy good space and will also attract insects and germs inside your room.

Step 5

Keep all the articles, items and accessories like books, magazines, toys, etc on one side.  Do not scatter them here and there as it will not only make your room look messy and you will be finding very less space to move around.
If you follow all these interesting and easy tips you can certainly create a lot of free space in your house and can also make it look bigger and spacious.

Bhrat Brij

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