How to Create an Album in Orkut

alb Orkut is one of the most popular open forums available in the internet. If you have an account in Orkut, you will be able to communicate with your friends by sending scraps to them. Orkut is an open forum where everybody is free to approach anyone within the Orkut circle.

However, you can also lock your scrap book and album from strangers. Among the various facilities available in Orkut, creating an album of your own photographs is a very interesting one. You can create albums (unlimited) in Orkut and share it with your friends or with everyone in the Orkut circle. The process of creating an album is very easy and simple. The process is discussed below for your help. Check out the guidelines and create your own photo gallery.

1. To create an album in the Orkut, you have to first click on the “Photos” tab positioned beside the tab called “Scraps”.

2. Then a page appears where there is a button named “Create New Album”. You have to click on the button.

3. Now a page will appear with two information fields named “Title” and “Description”. In the “Title” field, you have to give a name of the album according to your choice. And in the “Description” field, you can write any type of description about the album you are going to create.

4. Then you have to choose among the “Share with” options. If you want to share this album with everyone in the Orkut community, click on the “everyone” button. If you want to share it only with your friends, click on the “all my friends” button. Or if you want to share it with only a few selected friends of yours, click on the “only selected friends” button. Now click on the “Create” button.

5. After creating the album, a page will appear with some fields to browse pictures. There you have to browse the pictures you want keep in your album and click on the “Upload” button. You can browse 7 pictures at a time and there is no limit. So you can create an album with unlimited pictures.


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