How to Create a Collage

clgg A collage is a collection of different pictures collected in one place. A collage should always have a theme, presented by different photographs or paper cuttings and so on. There are many ways to create a collage.

Collage making is an art and the process is also easy enough to create at home. With a little imagination power and a creative mind, anybody and everybody can create a collage. Here are some very useful tips on how to create a collage. Check out the suggestions and start colleting the ingredients.

1. The ingredients you will require for creating a collage are colorful papers, gum, scissors and a cupboard. However, if you want to make a collage of photographs, you will need the required photographs of your choice.

2. The selection of the photographs should depend on the theme of the collage. If you want to create the collage on your life or family, you need to collect some pictures reflecting the bond of your family and friends.

3. Not necessarily, the photographs should of equal size. They may be of different shapes and sizes and that is real beauty of a collage. There should be central picture, which could be yours or a group photograph of your family. And then stick the photographs on a cupboard to create the collage.

4. While making a collage with colorful papers, you may choose a beautiful theme like a landscape or a village scene or a storm or anything you like. For this, you have to cut the papers into proper shapes such as huts, trees, roads, sun or moon, rain drops and so on. You can use different colored papers for the different features and then stick those pieces on a cupboard to complete the collage.

5. When your collage is finished, you can hang it on the wall if you wish. To hang it, you have to make a small whole at top of the collage and tie a small rope within that. Now hang it on the wall. Collage is always more beautiful from a distance.


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