How to Count Your Menstrual Cycle

menstrual Counting menstrual cycle may seem difficult for girls who have just experienced their first menstruation. But once you understand the general rule of menstruation it becomes easier. The situation is not that difficult because this does have its own calendar and all you girls have to do is to understand it. To make it even easier on you we have here some suggestions that will help you keep track of your periods.

When it Starts

A girl can have her period at the age of 10 and this cycle will continue till the beginning of her menopause at the age of 50. However, some girls may start having periods when they are 16. This is a time when a girl undergoes physiological changes and becomes fertile.

What is Menstruation?

During menstruation you will see bleeding from your vagina and this is because the lining attached to your womb has started to come off. This event is more popularly called a period. Now your body will slowly get ready for ovulation. But it is also seen that many women do not have ovulation. Mother’s who are into breast-feeding, menopausal women, and girls undergoing their first menstruation may escape ovulation. The bleeding can continue for 3 to 7 days.

Length of a Period

The length of a period can vary but usually it lasts for 38 days. Do not get too worried if you find that you have a menstruation cycle that is 35 days long. Some girls may have a menstruation cycle of 21 days. A menstruation cycle starts from the day of first bleeding and continues until your next period starts.

Types of Period

It is not necessary that a girl will have a regular period. She can have an irregular period. On the other hand your period can be either a short on or a long one. But all these can be natural. In case you have any doubt you can take the advice of your physician. Irregular period can be an outcome of a tensed, anxious or too excited mind. Irregular period or no period can also be an indication of pregnancy in case you have an active sex life and do not use protections.

Calculating a Period

It is easy to calculate a regular period just keep a calendar handy. If you have a bleeding today then consider it to be the first day of your period. Now keep marking the calendar till the next period happens. You an also make a note of number of days the bleeding lasted. You will have a clearer picture a few cycles later.

Tracking Irregular Periods

The process of tracking irregular periods is the same as tracking a regular one. It is only after a few cycles that you will know the exact length and regularity of your period. So, have patience and keep counting. Do not forget to ask you physician about any clarifications.


If you have an irregular menstrual cycle then you may have to wait for some months. Take a note of the months when your cycle has been the longest and the shortest. Jot down the exact number of days of those shorter and longer cycles. These observations will later help you in guessing the time of your period.

Hope these suggestions will help you understand your body and the menstrual cycle even better.


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